Stratum Solo Mining

All pools are temporarily off-line while we renovate our mining infrastructure.
We are modernizing our pool software, stand by for further updates.

Choose Your Coin

Save yourself the time and effort, connect your miner to one of our solo mining pools. Click on any coin below for instructions on how to get started and for some basic statistics on the pool.

There is no registration required to use any of the above pools. Payments are made automatically several times a day to your wallet address. Fees range from 1% to 50% depending on the coins popularity, age, and block reward. All proceeds go towards the crypto faucets.

This works on a simple principal of statistics. Everyone in the pool has an equal chance of finding a block. The odds of finding a block improve as more people mine in the pool. A person with higher hash rate will still find a higher amount of blocks than a person with a low hash rate. However, statistically the person with lower hash will have more chance of finding a block while mining along side others than mining completely alone.

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