Mining Settings

My Gulden Mining Pool Control Panel


All fields are optional. Leaving a field blank will result in the pool default for the setting being applied.


Specify a custom difficulty to optimze your earnings or use VARDIFF to have the pool select a difficulty for you. If VARDIFF is selected, the difficulty value is ignored.


Note: The pool's initial difficulty when using VARDIFF may be very high and cause a delay in reporting your hash rate. For the best experience disable VARDIFF and use a difficulty that is appropriate for your hardware.

Sign your Preferences


Verify ownership of this address to save these preferences. You must use a Gulden client which supports standard signatures for your mining address to sign preferences.

How do I do this?

Total Blocks Found: 1482 - Total Active Workers: 1
Last Block: # 881868 by GYBXFTwLTh4X5Njqgb7hY8YJMafYYDTs96 at 2019-01-19 22:32:50.741075 GMT-5
Network Difficulty: 9,790.1102 - Network Hash Rate: 196.69 GH/s - Pool Hash Rate: 897.35 KH/s

NOTE: This mining pool does NOT pay out shares.
If you provide your Gulden address as the username you will recieve 98% the reward for each block you find.